Resource Collection of Media Reform Lanka

The Marga Institute is grateful for the opportunity to host the resource collection of Media Reform Lanka and trusts that this initiative will be mutually beneficial and add value to the civil society action and advocacy initiatives of both institutions.

The Media Reform Lanka initiative aims to broaden and inform the perspectives in which media law, media policy and regulation are debated and determined in Sri Lanka, and to provide a resource for those working in this important field. It seeks to identify and clarify the principles and context of media policy and regulation and to widen the constituency which understands the changing international and technological media context. The aim is to ensure that in an age of increasing globalisation and convergence, civil society is aware of the importance of issues of media policy and law for freedom of expression and the safeguarding of the public interest.

The initiative has involved academic, legal, NGO, government, and civil society institutions in Sri Lanka and encourages them to contribute to the debate. Its principal focus is on higher education and professional training. The research team has consulted with educational institutions and media training institutes in Sri Lanka with a view to developing new curricula in Media Policy, Regulation and Law and supplementing existing ones. The resource content aims to support the teaching of such curricula and provide an accessible guide to the issues for identified stakeholder groups. The project focuses on the national context and circumstances of Sri Lanka and the existing capacity of institutions of higher education and training in the field of journalism, communication and the media, as well as those devoted to the analysis of public policy. A secondary objective is to increase expertise and to promote greater understanding of problems common to South Asian countries, and greater cooperation in finding solutions to them.

This Resource Collection provides access to research and articles- exegesis and analysis – written or commissioned by the research team. It also provides an archive of relevant resource material, including curricula, declarations, reports and comparative literature and reports from other South Asian countries. It is structured in a way that will both give added value to students and faculty staff working in the field, and provide an accessible resource for activist organisations and professionals in India, Sri Lanka and other parts of South Asia involved in the media or media regulation.

The initiative aims to promote Media Policy and Law as a curriculum subject on a sustainable basis, to build up expertise in the field both academically and among other key stakeholder groups, and to equip civil society more effectively to defend and extend the public interest in the fast evolving media landscape of the early twenty-first century.

Resource Collection of Media Reform Lanka

Introduction to Research Articles


Research articles

About The Contributors DOWNLOAD

Journalism on the front line-  Amal-Jayasinghe DOWNLOAD

Sri Lanka’s minority media at the crossroads – Ameen Izzadeen DOWNLOAD

Constitutional limitations on judicial activism in recognising a general right to information – The need for a Right to Information Act – Dr Jayantha Almeida Guneratne DOWNLOAD

New media, old mindsets: A Bridge too far? – Nalaka-Gunawardene  DOWNLOAD

Sri Lanka’s women journalists: Fighting the good fight- Namini-Wijedasa  DOWNLOAD

Media practice, media education and politics in Sri Lanka – Sasanka Perera DOWNLOAD

Foundations for media freedoms – Sinha-Ratnatunga DOWNLOAD

Legal, industry and educational reforms pertaining to the print media – Kishali Pinto-Jayawardena & Gehan Gunetilleke DOWNLOAD

Media Policy and law in Sri Lanka – Kishali Pinto – Jayawardena & Gehan Gunetilleke DOWNLOAD

The Political Economy of the Electronic Media in Sri Lanka -Tilak Jayaratne & Sarath Kellapotha) – DOWNLOAD


The Media Reform Lanka project has given rise to two publications. The first is a publication in Sinhala authored by Kishali Pinto Jayawardena and Gehan Gunetilleke on Media Law Reform in Sri Lanka. DOWNLOAD

The second is an edited volume published by Sage in 2015 entitled Embattled Media: democracy, governance and reform in Sri Lanka.  This book, edited by William Crawley, David Page and Kishali Pinto-Jayawardena, is still available for sale either from bookshops or online.

Embattled Media is the first book to look comprehensively at the evolution of news media in post-colonial Sri Lanka, with a focus on media policy, law and education. The book provides a detailed analysis of existing Sri Lankan media laws and policies and of campaigns to reform them. It also focuses on the role of institutions in media education by providing a comprehensive analysis of existing media curricula. It stresses the importance of improved media literacy and of progressive Right to Information legislation for a healthy democracy. It is the first authoritative guide to the state of news media in Sri Lanka and the effects of insurgency and civil war on the media’s role in a developing country. The contributors include leading Sri Lankan journalists, broadcasters, practitioners in public law, media academics and analysts.

Chapter 1 – Introduction DOWNLOAD

Cases on media freedom and freedom of expression


List of some Sri Lankan cases on freedom of expression and media freedoms  DOWNLOAD


Eastern University DOWNLOAD

Open University DOWNLOAD

Sabaragamuwa University DOWNLOAD

South Eastern University DOWNLOAD

Sri Lanka College of Journalism DOWNLOAD

Sri Palee Campus DOWNLOAD

UNESCO Model Curriculum DOWNLOAD

University of Colombo – Diploma in Journalism DOWNLOAD

University of Colombo – General DOWNLOAD

University of Jaffna – MRTC DOWNLOAD

University of Jaffna DOWNLOAD

University of Kelaniya DOWNLOAD

University of Kelaniya(Special) DOWNLOAD

University of Sri Jayawardenapura DOWNLOAD

Declarations and Reports

RKW Goonesekere Report on Reform of Media Laws and Regulations 1996 DOWNLOAD

Tholangamuwa Declaration 2005 DOWNLOAD

Media Charter, September 2005 DOWNLOAD

Community Radio – WB – Enabling Report – June 2006 DOWNLOAD

The Weligama Declaration 2006 DOWNLOAD

Colombo Declaration 1998 ( updated 2008) (English) DOWNLOAD

Media Summit Report 2010 (Sinhala) DOWNLOAD

Summit Statement 2010 (Sinhala)  DOWNLOAD




Sri Lanka Press Council Code of Ethics for Journalists DOWNLOAD

The Editors Guild of Sri Lanka Code of Ethics DOWNLOAD

Media Law Reform Proposals

Contempt of Court Draft Act – BASL DOWNLOAD

Proposed Legal Reforms in Regard to Broadcasting DOWNLOAD


Restrictions on Freedom of Speech in Emergency Law Provisions DOWNLOAD

Right to Information draft law DOWNLOAD

Right to Information draft law (amended version put forward by the Ministry of Justice) DOWNLOAD

Media Policy

Comparative Issues in Media Policy and Law in South Asia DOWNLOAD

National Media Policy DOWNLOAD

Media Policy & Law in India DOWNLOAD

Sri Lanka Media Submission CPA DOWNLOAD

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